CV. Harapan Teknik Surabaya

Ruangan Cold Storage

Cold storage

Cold storage is a room that will be specifically designed with certain temperature conditions and will be used to store various kinds of products with the aim of maintaining its freshness. Cold storage will usually be built following the area of ​​the building on site. Following the area of ​​the building on site will further ensure that the cold storage to be built will definitely be in accordance with the area of ​​the building. Many consumers usually ask to come for a location survey with the aim of making sure everything is in accordance with the location

Cold storage function

The function of cold storage is to store the product properly within a certain period to be stock or as temporary storage before being transferred to the next process. The storage method is in accordance with the SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) of the company in various business fields. It could be between different business fields with one another

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