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ZX Family Medium Temperature Condensing Unit R22 - 50

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15 Jan 2024
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Condensing Unit

sell ZX Family Medium Temperature Condensing Unit R22 - 50

Emerson ZX / ZXL Series Condensing Units are designed based on three factors demanded by industrial users

Energy Efficiency - Utilizing copeland scroll compressor technology, variable speed motors, large capacity condenser coils and sophisticated control algorithms, significantly reduced energy consumption, End users can save more than 20% on annual energy costs rather than using hermetic alternating units.

Reliability - Combining proven reliability of copeland scroll compressors with sophisticated and diagonistic electronic controllers, equipment reliability is greatly improved, error code warnings and error code retrieval capabilities provide information to help improve system diagnostic speed and accuracy. Integrated electronics provide protection against overcurrent, overheating, wrong phase rotation, compressor cycle, high pressure reset, low pressure reduction, can also send warning messages to the operator when there is a liquid flooback, which can prevent critical damage on the unit.

Flexibility - Its slim shape and light weight make the ZX condensing unit aesthetically appealing and easy to install. The ultra quiet variable speed fan motor significantly reduces exterior sound levels. allows additional location flexibility. combined with wall mounting capability, the ZX condensing unit provides unmatched flexibility.

The ZX condensing unit is very suitable for walk in cooler and freezer applications.

Advanced scroll compressor technology, fan speed control and electronic controllers are precisely collaborated on all units. it also introduces a variable speed motor that exceeds national standards. Guaranteed reliable performance and operation in food service applications while delivering higher energy efficiency and lower noise levels is the main goal.

Standard unit features

Pre-painted cover for corrosion protection

Heavy duty steel base with 23mm raised leg.

The brass service valve is located externally for easy access

Lifts the electric access panel for serviceability

Receive with fusible plug, liquid shutoff valve and charging port

Easy to read humidity indicator

Variable speed of the PSC fan motor

Advanced diagnostic diagnostic performance

Over sized condenser coils with additional fin corrosion protection for the coastal zone

Light weight, sleek line profile for maneuverability and ease of installation

All units are tested at the factory for joint connection cable leakage, electrical continuity and start up performance

Oil separators and accumulators are standard on low temperature models

Outside operation 48 ° C to -23 ° C *.

Capacity of 2HP up to & 7.5HP

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